Inspiration for plant-based eating and healing


There are so many books, videos, and even other podcasts that can help you during your plant-based journey — no matter what stage you are in. Here is a list of some of our favorite resources.


Veggie Recipes

Oh She Glows is a great resource for meals, desserts and vegan pregnancy insight and resources. You could probably live on her site if you had that much extra time in a day!

Hell Yea It’s Vegan sets out to prove any favorite recipe can be veganized and delicious.

Raw Food Recipes

This Rawsome Vegan Life features a plethora of raw food dishes ranging from smoothies, salads, and entrees to desserts and snacks.

The Rawtarian is a great resource for raw desserts.


The Fred Opie Food Podcast is not about plant-based eating, but provides an interesting glimpse into food history, culture and traditions for foodies in general.


The Flavor Bible is the most used food book in my entire collection. They recently released a vegetarian version, but we paid a lot for the one we have and haven’t checked out the newest version yet. We definitely think we would have purchased that one first if it was available at the time.

Salt Sugar Fat, by Micheal Moss provides an in depth and interesting look at how the big food industry giants got consumers hooked on processed foods.


Food Inc. is one of the first food documentaries we watched.

Forks Over Knives gives an inspiring look at how food can be used to gain better health and combat chronic diseases.

Soul Food Junkies provides some deep food for thought from the historical perspective of African American culture.