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Mission Possible: Breakfast Favorites Made Vegan

Credit: Herson Rodriguez

I know you’re wondering – because I’ve been there too – what in the world does a vegan eat for breakfast?

Well I’m here to tell you, life sans eggs and milk does not create a world without breakfast. I know to a lot of folks that would be like a world without sunshine. So I’m excited to let you know that you can still enjoy just about all of your favorites.

Yes, that’s right: all of your favorites.

Let’s begin with what was one of my biggest worries, pancakes. As a child, I absolutely loved “pig in a blanket” – which is just a pancake wrapped around a breakfast sausage. Of course now that I think about that term it doesn’t sound nearly as cute and innocuous as it did when I was five!

Pancakes are a simple item to throw together and one thing we love to often make on Saturday mornings. Once you have your go-to pancake recipe down, it is easy to adapt it to include variations like blueberries and change it up to include various fruit toppings. I typically like to pair this with some roasted potatoes and fresh fruit and/or a smoothie. If you’d like to keep your traditions you can purchase ready-made vegan breakfast sausage or you can make your own at home with simple ingredients.

If you’re from The South you may love to pair your breakfast sausage with some buttery biscuits and gravy.

While I was never a big fan of eggs, my sister just can’t imagine a breakfast without them. So how would you pair your biscuits and pancakes with eggs in the plant-based eating world? While tofu is often used to replicate eggs, I’m going to focus on soy-free options. This is where we turn to chickpea flour, which is a great substitute and can be used to make scrambled eggs or eggs benedict.

French toast and waffles are other morning favorites that are traditionally made with eggs, but can easily be adapted.

Are you a huge fan of bacon? While there are many substitutes you can find in your store aisle, we love recreating taste and texture with things like eggplants and mushrooms. I’ve also even seen (and been looking forward to experimenting with) ‘bacon bits’ made with coconut flakes.

If you’re reminiscing about a buttery grilled cheese sandwich you can still make that happen too. There are so many ways to do it.

And let’s not forget about breakfast tacos.

So take heart, you can love your morning fare — and feel better about making a healthier choice — with all these menu options.

Get excited!    

All the best,

p.s. Tell us what your favorite plant-based breakfast items are in the comments below!



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