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Chicago Woman Waves Goodbye To Diabetes With Total Wellness Transformation

Herbivorous Emily Before & AfterIn 2016, Emily Timmons decided she didn’t want to be overweight, unhealthy and unhappy anymore. So she vowed to make a change.  Now the Chicago woman has lost over 160 pounds and defeated Type 2 diabetes by switching to a plant-based vegan lifestyle.  She’s joyfully dedicated to mindfulness, creating healthy delicious meals, and growing in fitness.

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  • Learn how conscious eating reversed her Type 2 diabetes and ended her prescription medication.
  • Hear the steps she made to progress from struggling to climb stairs to training for a 10k.
  • Find out how she dealt with family members and friends who didn’t understand her vegan lifestyle transition.
  • See how she navigates social situations and dating while vegan.
  • Hear how she makes her beautiful meals fun and keeps shopping trips affordable.

post from Herbivorous Emily's Instagram pageRESOURCES MENTIONED IN THE SHOW:

Follow Emily’s food and fitness adventures on Instagram. It’s easy to get lost in her inspiring posts, which feed your eyes with colorful and creative meals, and document her healthy slim down.

Check out Lauren Toyota’s Hot For Food book and blog.

Learn more about Alicia Silverstone’s book: The Kind Diet.

Take a peek at the Minimalist baker cookbook here.

Get inspiration from the Mississippi vegan cookbook and Instagram page.

Food of the show: Celebrate the New Year with some healthy black eyed pea recipes.



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