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Plant-Powered Mom: Nothing Tastes Better Than Healthy Feels

Elizabeth Medina Before & After Plant-Based Vegan Diet

Today we’re talking to an Austin woman who says a plant-based diet has changed everything about her life for the better. Elizabeth Medina has crushed her fitness goals, reversed pre-diabetes and ended ailments like high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The wife, mother and educator has also gained confidence and energy to take on new challenges.


  • Find out what happened during the moment of awakening that prompted her to take effective action to do and be better.
  • Hear how she made the first steps and what she did to successfuly stick to a path of optimum holistic wellness.
  • See what she does to inspire loved ones to embrace a plant-based lifestyle and the evidence that it’s working.
  • Learn how she navigates a vegan lifestyle socially, and in the context of Southern, Creole and Puerto Rican cultures.
  • Get her tips for meal prep that make eating healthy food easier and affordable.
  • Plus learn about ingredients to avoid when shopping in our all-new Pantry Makeover segment.

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