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Quick Tips on Navigating Holidays as a Plant-Based Vegan

Credit Susi NeumairThe holiday season is here, and whether you are a big holiday person, or a person who just enjoys the time off from work, the holidays are a time for gathering with and enjoying family and friends.  If you recently decided to make the change to a plant-based vegan diet we want you to know that you can successfully navigate the holiday season.

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Here is an example of a stuffed portabello dish you can create for holiday gatherings.

This is what you can do to have a nice whole food plant-based vegan centerpiece with roasted califlower.

Lentil loaf is a great alternative dish that you can prepare as a whole food plant-based alternative to traditional meat recipes during holiday gatherings.

Remixing traditional recipes like green bean casserole is easy to do without animal products.

Check out this guide to dairy substitutes you can use when you are remixing old recipes for your holiday dinners.

Making veganized versions of your favorite cake is easier with this guide.


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