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Colorado Man Drops 120 Pounds, Gains Momentum To Run After Goals With Plant-Based Diet

Ryan Van Vugt: A Plant-based Diet Change My LifeToday we are talking to a man who gained the energy and confidence to run after his dreams and tackle his goals after losing over 100 pounds.  Ryan Van Vugt says the momentum began after he switched to a plant-based vegan diet.  Now he’s a plant-powered ultra runner, yoga teacher and author who is passionate about living an authentic life and pursuing outdoor adventures.


  • Hear how he went from having asthma as a child to making the decision to begin running as an adult.
  • Find out how he lost over 100 pounds in nine months.
  • See what he eats to fuel his workouts and long distance runs.
  • Get his tips for successfully making the switch to a whole food plant-based lifestyle.
  • Also, in our Pantry Makeover Segment we have simple swaps for turning your favorite traditional desserts vegan.

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Learn more about Ryan and keep up with his adventures on Instagram.  Learn more about his book Grateful here.
If you’re in the area check out Ryan’s favorite restaurant: Tasty Harmony.
Here are some of Ryan’s favorite inspirational resources & people:
Engine 2 Diet book by Rip Esselstyn
Forks Over Knives Documentary
Ultra Athlete Author Rich Roll
Entrepreneur & Author Jesse Itzler
Entrepreneur, Author & Speaker Gary Vaynerchuk

Pantry Makeover Segment:
Click here to learn more about using aquafaba as an egg replacer in vegan baking.
See how to make flax or chia eggs and how to use them.


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