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Let’s Return to the Roots of Good Eating

Root Veggies | Credit: Caroline AttwoodThere’s an adage that says: “Keep your friends close and your farmers closer.”  Food is critical to life and we place a lot of trust in the people who create and handle our foods. That trust is very often blind and unconscious.  Prior to the 1970s many of our experiences with food and products were close to home.  The food acquisition experience included the milkman, the local farm stand or mini market up the street— or even closer, the family’s farm or garden.  America made a big shift around this time to a culture of convenience rather than a culture of care.  It’s time to get back to our natural roots of eating foods that originate close to our homes.  Today, in step seven of our Spring Into Ultimate Wellness series, we are sharing exactly how you can make it happen.  Just click the play button above to listen.

This week’s resources:

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Gardening 101: Growing your own food

Find local food in your area with Local

USDA local food directories

Food coop directory listings

Learn more about inhumane labor conditions for: Factory Farm Workers and Produce Workers

Center for Food Safety on food irradiation

Food irradiation Q and A

Houston Gardener Shares Seeds of Wisdom So Others Can Flourish



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2 thoughts on “Let’s Return to the Roots of Good Eating”

  • I have truly enjoy your Spring into Ultimate Wellness podcasts. They have been inspiring and refreshing to make positive changes to my eating routine. I am mostly a vegetarian already but learning from you, intriguing food healthy hints that will make a change to my well being even more. Thank you Dave and Stacy for sharing your knowledge with me.