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Woman Sees Power of Plant-Based Nutrition In Life & Work

Plant-Based Dietician Alison Tierney

Today we are talking to a woman who is passionate about helping people heal with plant-based foods.  Alison Tierney’s mission stems from having her mother, grandmothers, and grandfather all endure a battle with cancer during her college years.  After graduating with a degree in business she made the tough decision to start over, follow her heart and return to school to study nutrition.  Now she’s a registered dietitian who has gained knowledge, not only through textbooks and research, but also through personal experience.  In addition to helping others, she has put her knowledge to the test for herself.  After switching to a whole-food plant-based diet she was able to overcome infertility and successfully manage polycystic ovarian syndrome. In today’s episode we talk about all of this, cancer fighting foods and more.


  • Hear what it was like to go vegan in “The Cheese State,” and all the steps she took.
  • See how going plant-based was also a life-changing experience for her twin sister who had been diagnosed with lupus.
  • Listen to her explain how her PCOS symptoms were alleviated with a plant-based diet.
  • Find out what steps she took to overcome infertility and give birth to a healthy baby girl.
  • Hear about her experience with a vegan pregnancy and what it has been like raising a plant-based child.
  • You’ll also hear her demystify some of the big myths regarding a plant-based diet.

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You can learn more about Alison, get her recipes, meal plan, and read her blog posts on her website Read more about how Alison and her husband overcame infertility here.  Read about her sister Lauren’s Journey of Faith after her lupus diagnosis. Click here to read Alison’s kid-friendly lunch ideas.

You can follow Alison on Instagram and Facebook and also find her on Youtube.


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