Celebrating the benefits of a healthy plant-based whole food diet

Dallas Mom Finds Wellness & Business Success In Plant-Based Foods

Soulgood Founder Cynthia NevelsToday we are speaking to Soulgood founder Cynthia Nevels –a woman who has turned grief into stepping stones in a pursuit to heal herself and others.  It all began over a decade ago, when she witnessed the amazing power of plant-based food in her own health journey.  By embracing a new way of eating, she was able to manage Graves’ disease symptoms and give up prescription medication. Now she’s reaping even more benefits as she transitions to a vegan lifestyle.


–Hear how she successfully turned to food as medicine after being diagnosed with Graves’ disease.

–See how her desire to honor her son Tyler D. Nelson, who passed away from Cystic Fibrosis, has sprouted into an award-winning food business that brings healthier fast food options to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

–Listen to her insight on making a transition at your own pace, not feeling deprived and converting your favorite foods to plant-based meals.

–Get her tips on navigating the holidays, and other occasions, with relatives and friends who are not plant-based.

–Learn how she and other talented food entrepreneurs are revolutionizing the vegan food scene in Dallas.

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Instagram post from Soulgood


Visit Soulgood online, find out where to find the truck and learn more about the company’s mission.  You can follow Chef Cynthia and her latest food happenings and adventures on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook.

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The Food of the Show: Learn more about the nutritional power of mushrooms and get recipe inspiration here and here.

Find out more about Rebel Cheese, Austin’s new vegan deli and wine shop that features artisan vegan cheeses via their website.


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