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Houston Chef Finds Healing & Purpose with Plant-Based Diet

Chef Stevie Harrison

Welcome to Episode 2 of the Plants Changed My Life Podcast. Today Planted Chef Stevie Harrison is sharing her journey to authentic success, real food knowledge, self-discovery and healing. Listen in to see how growing in health is deeply rooted in growing in life — and how it all can change the direction of your path.


  • Hear how Stevie overcame an addiction to sweets and healed herself by embracing a plant-based diet and connecting with nature.
  • Learn how Stevie walked away from the launch of a successful bakery business to follow the nudging of her spirit.
  • See how her knowledge and healing sprouted her new mission: Planted — a fun way of eating. Planted offers the convenience and comfort of familiar dishes using real whole food ingredients.
  • Get tips on making the transition to a plant-based lifestyle.
  • In each episode we shine a spotlight on a vegan ingredient to help you learn more about it. We love talking about food and in this episode we are all about quinoa.
  • To wrap things up we are bringing you Plant-Based News & Notes, –the latest on awesome things we’ve heard in the plant-based/vegan food world.


Click here to get more information about Stevie’s business Planted and find out where she’s popping up next.

Click here to learn more about Stevie’s husband XO and view his latest art creations.

Learn more about quinoa, our ingredient of the day, and get some meal inspiration and ideas with these recipe resources here and here.

Find out more about the Brown Paper Bag Movement – a group of people dedicated to feeding the homeless with healthy plant-based meals each month.  Click here to visit their Go Fund Me campaign.

Get the scoop on all the creative varieties of vegan food popping up at the Dallas Farmers Market from cajun food and Mexican food to soul food and other fusions.

Are you traveling to new places or just want to check out what’s available in your area? We love the Happy Cow website to get a peek at veggie and veggie-friendly spots.


We would love to hear from you! Do you, or someone you know, have a testimony of how a plant-based diet has changed your life?  Please get in touch with us here.  To keep up with us and our updates please follow us on Instagram @plantschangedmylife and on Facebook @plantschangedmylife.

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