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A Plant-Based Diet Changed Our Lives, Get Tips On Making The Transition

We are so excited to launch our first episode of the Plants Changed My Life Podcast. In this episode we are getting started by sharing our personal testimonies of how switching to a plant-based diet changed everything from our lifestyles to our life destinies. We are also sharing tips on how you can get started on a plant-based path to optimum wellness.

Episode Highlights

  • Hear how Stacy moved from fighting steady weight gain and persistent acne to clear skin and a new size 2 wardrobe. She also shares how she channeled grief over losing both of her grandmothers to colon cancer into a commitment to be fit and a dedication to help others do the same.
  • Learn how Dave, a self-professed doughnut aficionado, used mental strength to swiftly and steadily eliminate all animal products from his diet, including his beloved sweets. Also learn how he eventually moved to a raw food diet for an entire year and the surprising impact the change made.
  • Are you interested in getting started on a plant-based diet? We are sharing our top tips for getting off to a great start so that you can be successful in your journey.
  •  In each episode we will shine a spotlight on a vegan ingredient to help you learn more about it, and how you can start incorporating it into your cooking routine. We love talking about food and in this episode we are all about jackfruit.
  • To wrap things up we are bringing you Plant-Based News & Notes, where we share the latest news on game-changers, innovators and other awesome things we’ve heard in the plant-based/vegan food world.


Resources Mentioned in the Show

If you’re wondering how to handle cravings for animal products, click here to get some ideasHell Yeah It’s Vegan has a special collection of recipes called Veganize Everything. If you’re interested in converting some of your favorites check them out. –We recommend using the recipes simply as jumping points for your own ideas and using simple whole food type of substitution ingredients.

Meat Your Meat and the Meatrix are two mini documentary videos that gave Stacy resolution to change her diet and stick to it when she was getting started.

Transitioning to a plant-based diet requires a mind transition in order to be successful. Rethink your plate, what it looks like for each meal and what should be on it. There are many veggie pyramids available to help you move away from the mindset of the traditional food pyramid.  We really like this raw food pyramid and its emphasis on leafy greens, fruits and vegetables.

Image Credit: Vegan-Raw-Diet dot com

Ingredient of the day: Jackfruit

Here are some Houston-area Restaurants/Food Trucks that are doing creative things with jackfruit. Visit them and get inspired.

Soul Food Vegan — Jackfruit ribs

Korney Vibes — Jackfruit Brisket

Herb N’ Beet — Smoked Jackfruit Sandwich


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