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Man Goes Vegan To Save Animals And Saves Self In Process

Image Courtesy of Adam Weitz

We hear a lot about the benefits of a plant-based diet when it comes to improving your physical health and combating ailments like high blood pressure and diabetes. Today we are talking to Adam Weitz, a California entrepreneur who has found a plant-based diet, along with exercise, to be powerful weapons in his fight against depression. Adam says changing to a more compassionate lifestyle has also unlocked a wealth of other health and wellness benefits.


  • Find out what prompted him to become vegan instantly without a transition–and learn how he did it.
  • Learn about all the life-changing benefits that unfolded once he made the decision to embrace a plant-based diet.
  • Find out how meal planning, and having a plan period, helps in everything from travel and social situations, to successfully navigating a plant-based lifestyle.
  • See how and why he and his wife are raising their toddler vegan and hear the positive difference it is making.
  • Plus learn more about the impact of food on mood in our Pantry Makeover segment.

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Find out more about Adam Weitz and his design and marketing talents by visiting his website. Click here to visit, his inspiring website that is dedicated to supporting and encouraging people living with depression and anxiety.

Check out Mercy For Animals Farm to Fridge video.

Visit Nora Cooks to get recipes and ideas for plant-based cooking.

Get more information about plant-based nutrition for athletes at

Learn more about Forks Over Knives and The Game Changers documentaries, which are both available on Netflix.

Learn more about food and it’s impact on mood here.


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