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Man Once Trapped By Painful Body Gains Freedom To Run Marathon

Jesse Renovato - A Plant-based Diet Changed My Life

A Houston couple, Jesse and Sara Renovato, are the heart of a story that shows how motivation and determination, along with a little bit of education can lead a person to feats and perspectives that they never imagined.

At the age of 27 Jesse found himself trapped in his own body, ravaged by psoriatic arthritis.  With his body immobilized with pain, he gained weight, along with high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Jesse’s wife Sara is determined to help him live a vibrant life, so as doctors prescribe pill after pill she begins studying the healing power of foods. Meanwhile Jesse, a father whose motivation is the four daughters he dearly loves, is desperate to get moving pain-free.

Their story starts in 2012 with a troubling run and ends with triumph as Jesse completes a 180-mile bike ride from Houston to Austin, as well as the Chevron Houston Marathon.  We are excited to share their story because it not only displays the power of plants, but shows the power of human will, faith, and love.

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