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Man Once Wary of Vegan Lifestyle is Now On a Mission

Credit: Greg Willybiro

Today we’re talking to Greg Willybiro, a man who once never imagined going vegan. However since making the switch he’s been inspired to help others, not only see veganism for themselves, but to also think about how every one of us can do something to collectively make the world a better place. He is fulfilling his mission with the creation of Turfue Straws, a company that provides a solution to the waste that plastic straws create in our environment.

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  • Hear him explain the biases that prevented him from making the transition to a vegan lifestyle and how he was able to overcome them.
  • See how his family and friends initially reacted to his decision to become vegan and what he did to help them gain a better understanding. Also find out what made his once skeptical father take on a 30-day vegan challenge.
  • Get his tips on making the transition and helping others do the same.
  • Learn why he and his good friend Thomas were inspired to create Turfue Straws and the difference they hope to make with a straw that’s vegan, biodegradable and edible.
  •  Check out our pantry makeover segment where you’ll learn more about ginger, why you should have it in your rotation and also how you can use it.


Get more information on Turfue Straws by visiting their website.  You can also learn more about Greg and Turfue Straws by connecting with him via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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