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Man Transforms From 400 pounds to Vegan Bodybuilder

Justin Howell Welcome to Episode 6 of the Plants Changed My Life Podcast. Today we’re talking to Justin Howell, a man who embodies sheer determination in conquering goals. He was once over 400 pounds and plagued with health issues like high blood pressure and joint problems. –Now he’s a vegan bodybuilder on a mission to help others transition to a more healthy life.


  • Find out what prompted him to make the first step toward lifelong change after years of being overweight.
  • Learn how he has successfully adopted a plant-based lifestyle despite a lack of resources in his city.
  • Get his tips for overcoming doubt and negative comments from relatives and friends.
  • Hear how his transformation also created a wellness transformation for his mother.
  • Also, in each episode we shine a spotlight on a vegan ingredient to help you learn more about it. We love talking about food and in this episode we are all about plant-based milks.

Vegan Savage SC instagram Screen Grab


You can learn more about Justin Howell and follow his wellness transformation, speaking events and fitness activities on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.

These are the inspirational resources and links Justin mentioned in the show:

Bodybuilder and Trainer Mike Rasheed on Youtube

What the Health Documentary

Health Coach Chris James on Youtube

Akeem Therapy on Instagram

Health Coach Matt Cama on Youtube

Health & Fitness Coach John Venus on Youtube

The Food of the Show: Learn more about plant-based milks and get recipe ideas here.


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