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Mom Gains New Life Mission After Son is Healed With Plant-Powered Diet

Today we’re talking to Abby Power, a wife and mother who found remarkable healing for her baby and a whole new life purpose for herself in a plant-based diet.  Abby is a speaker, humane educator and changemaker.  She has an inspiring vision for the world that all evolved after she decided to tap into the power of a whole-food, plant-based diet.


  • Hear how she persisted to find healing for her young son’s complex health issues with a plant-based vegan diet.
  • Find out how grief over her father’s untimely death spurred her into action to make others aware of the connection between diet and disease.
  • See how her entire family successfully transitioned to a plant-based vegan lifestyle by getting creative with old family recipes.
  • Learn how she navigates raising a vegan child in a non-vegan world; and get her tips for getting started on a plant-based path.
  • Also, we have the scoop on kale in our food segment. Find out why it should be in your regular rotation of leafy greens.

Screen Grab of Abby Power's Instagram Post

You can learn more about Abby Power and her mission on Instagram and her personal website

Here are more resources that Abby mentioned:

Track your nutrition and fitness with Cronometer

Get recipes from the Happy Pear 

Get baking help with The Minimalist Baker

Go Plant Based On a Budget

Learn more about The China Study 

You can check out more of her favorite plant-based lifestyle resources here.

The Food of the Show: Learn more about leafy greens and get recipe inspiration here



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